Telefon / Phone: 39 0422 880831
Faks / Fax: 39 0422 881824
Adres / Address: VIA A. VOLTA 17 31027 SPRESIANO TV
Stand No: H6-D100-1

FOUNDEQUIP srl, has been founded more than 45 years ago and now it is one of the leading suppliers of foundry installations and equipment of green sand. The Company is in continuous evolution thanks to the continuity guaranteed by the new generation, which is very qualified and dynamic.
FOUNDEQUIP srl creates good relationships with the Customers, based on a reciprocal confidence and cooperation, supported by the high professionalism and competence of its staff.
Product list: Moulding machines and moulding line for green sand, Shake out, Cooling drums, Oxicombustion rotary furnaces, Metallic conveyors, Automatic casting device for aluminium and bronze, Green sand mixers, Green sand preparation and regeneration systems, Automatic green sand control system, Furnace loading systems, Pouring system and Pneumatic transport systems.