Telefon / Phone: 46 457465800
Faks / Fax: 46 45715622
Adres / Address: SOFT CENTER, SE-372 25 RONNEBY SWEDEN
Stand No: H3-B150

Novacast Systems AB, founded in 1982, is a leading Scandinavian company in pratical usage of artificial intelligence and in developing foundry technology software. Our products are used by leading foundries in all over the world. They include software for flow and solidification simulation, expert system for iron alloys based on adaptive thermal analysis and artifical intelligence, as well as Foundry Technology, a software package mainly for design of gating and risering systems. Novacast also developed a unique and sophisticated process control for the efficient production of compacted graphite iron in one-step process. All softwares are run on Pcs. Novacast softwares and services:
Foundry Technology 4; Novaflow&solid: Flow and solid simulation; ATAS Mestar: Adapative Thermal Analysis System; MetalMaster: Charge optimization software; Graphyte Flow and Graphyte Batch: unique and sophisticated process control of production of CGI in one-step process; Training courses and consultancy.

Novacast Systems AB firmasının yazılım ve hizmetleri:
Foundry Technology 4 : Bilgisayar ortamında yolluk-besleyici dizayn programı
Novaflow&Solid : Kalıp Doldurma ve Katılaşma simülasyon programı
Novastress : Stress simülasyonu
ATAS Mestar : Dökme demirlerin ergitme prosesini kontrol altına labilen ve her dökümhanenin şartlarına göre ?Adapte edilebilen Termal Analiz Sistemi?.
MetalMaster : Şarj Optimizasyonu programı.
Graphyte Flow ve Graphyte Batch : Vermiküler(CGI) dökme demir üretiminde kullanılan termal analiz sistemleri.
Eğitim programları ve danışmanlık.