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SIB introduce the CDS /RC which matched to a special Melting Furnace allows a high efficiency in aluminum recovery.
The CDS system is composed of a set of equipment that enable the cogeneration energy required for the heat treatment of aluminum. The technical criterion of the system provides for the drying by radiant and convective heat exchange between the material to be treated and the gases coming from the Post combustor / Recuperator of Thermal energy: in Energy chamber, the gases are controlled in Oxygen and temperature values in the their counter-motion with respect to the material to be treated; Is also possible use the exhaust gases from melting furnace to recover the thermal energy which significantly reduces energy costs.In general, any SIB system is dimensioned according to the specific needs of the customer and therefore does not assume connotation of a standard but the configuration, more or less complex, a process designed to meet the needs of the customer.

The SIB company is an industrial structure that for over 40 years produces with its own technology and know-how, combustion systems, furnaces, and treatment systems for industry and employs a wide and proven experience both during design, which under construction, installation, maintenance of their systems. Our multiple applications in the fields of surface treatment and the casting of aluminum and non-ferrous materials, have fostered over time, the development and refinement of our technical department for the design and construction of complete plants for aluminum recycling that are contaminated water and organics (oils, paint etc).